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Advocacy in Action

Legislative advocacy is an important element of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission.  With approval from the Foundation Board of Directors, we add our voice to weigh in on issues and legislation considered at both the State and Federal level.

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If you would like to be part of the FBCF Advocacy Committee and receive timely Action Alerts, please contact us at join@floridabreastcancer.org for more information.


Current Calls to Action





Aside from the budget bill, the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and its Advocacy Committee and Alert Network are focusing on proposed legislation that would make life easier for those who must take medications for their medical condition. We rely on and put faith in our doctors to prescribe the appropriate medication that will improve our condition or at least maintain our health. 
We have a limited number of days in which to see these proposed bills move through House and Senate committees and be considered and approved by both House and Senate.  Your willingness and ability to contact legislators in an effort to encourage them to do the right thing on behalf of Floridians is crucial if these bills are to become law.
We need your voices for the following two bills:
1. HB 95 (Bait-and-Switch Bill) would prevent our insurance from making promises of coverage at set pricing and then changing the coverage terms and/or pricing.
The next step for House Bill 95 is to have it heard by the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee. Kindly contact the members of the committee by phone, email, or Twitter and encourage them to hear the bill on March 20. Chair Burgess and Vice Chair Santiago are two of the members who are particularly important to contact.
If you call or email, please deliver this message: "Please hear HB 95, the Bait-and-Switch Bill, to protect Florida patients from unfair medication switches."
Email subject line: Please hear HB 95 (Bait-and-Swtch Bill) in Ins. & Banking on March 20
See below for email addresses and phone numbers of subcommittee members.
Sample Tweets:
Please hear #HB95 to protect Floridians from unfair medication switches. #NoBait&Switch @DannyBurgessFL, @dsantiago457
Rx coverage shouldn't be reduced after open enrollment,when Floridians can't change their plan. Support #HB95 @RichardNStark @SShawFL
Insurers in FL are changing Rx benefit coverage mid plan year. Pls hear #HB95 and support consumers. @HalseyBeshears @ChuckClemons21
@RepBobbyDubose Please support #HB95 and protect your constituents from unexpected Rx coverage changes #NoBait&Switch
Support #95 #NoBait&Switch and make sure commercial insurers honor contracts with patients @GovGoneWild, @kionnemcghee, @RepMoraitis

Please support #HB95 to give patients peace of mind that their Rx benefits won't be reduced mid-plan year @jay_fant #NoBait&Switch
2. HB 877 (Fail First Bill) would enable physicians to prescribe medications that they know are appropriate and will work rather than being forced to first prescribe medications that will be ineffective.
House Bill 877 needs to be taken up by the House Health Innovation Subcommittee if it is to move forward. See below for email addresses and phone numbers of subcommittee members.
Suggested talking points for the listed members of that committee:
  • Thank you so much for working to ensure Florida's patients remain happy and healthy.
  • I wanted to express our strong support to expand and strengthen the patient protections currently in Florida statute. On behalf of Florida's most vulnerable citizens, we are seeking your leadership and legislative action to address concerns in the areas of: streamlining step therapy and fail first protocols; simplified prior authorization; protection against discriminatory plan designs; providing continuity of care for stable patients; and, offering an appeals process for medical exceptions. 
  • Healthcare professionals have the expertise to know what is best for patients and must have access to a full range of therapeutic options to use as they see fit for their patients. They should not have to jump through burdensome bureaucratic hoops to secure the most appropriate therapy.  Ultimately, healthcare professionals, not bureaucrats, should make the determination of the best course of treatment and medications for a patient.  We need to ensure Florida's patients are receiving the right medicine at the right time.
  • Respectfully, we ask that the legislator and the fellow members, implement these critical recommendations included in House Bill 877 this legislative session by co-sponsoring the legislation and ensuring it is heard in committee.
We thank you for your help in moving these bills forward. Your actions do make a difference in the legislative process! 
CONTACT INFORMATION for House Health Innovation Subcommittee Members 
Title Last Name First Name Phone Email Address
Representative Baez Daisy (850) 717-5114 Daisy.Baez@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Cortes (J) John (850) 717-5043 John.Cortes@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Diaz (M) Manny (850) 717-5103 Manny.Diaz@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Drake Brad (850) 717-5005 brad.drake@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Duran Nicholas X. (850) 717-5112 Nicholas.Duran@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Hardemon Roy (850) 717-5108 Roy.Hardemon@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Henry Patrick (850) 717-5026 Patrick.Henry@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Killebrew Sam (850) 717-5041 Sam.Killebrew@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Magar MaryLynn (850) 717-5082 MaryLynn.Magar@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Renner Paul  (850) 717-5024 Paul.Renner@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Rommel Bob (850) 717-5106 Bob.Rommel@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Toledo Jackie (850) 717-5060 Jackie.Toledo@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative Trumbull Jay (850) 717-5006 Jay.Trumbull@myfloridahouse.gov
Representative White Frank (850) 717-5002 frank.white@myfloridahouse.gov

CONTACT INFORMATION for House Banking and Insurance Subcommittee Members
Last Name First Name Local Phone Email Address  
Beshears Halsey (850) 717-5007 Halsey.Beshears@myfloridahouse.gov
Burgess (CHAIR) Danny (850) 717-5038 danny.burgess@myfloridahouse.gov
Clemons Charles Wesley ''Chuck'' (850) 717-5021 Chuck.Clemons@myfloridahouse.gov
DuBose Bobby (850) 717-5094 Bobby.DuBose@myfloridahouse.gov
Fant Jay (850) 717-5015 Jay.Fant@myfloridahouse.gov
Grant Michael (850) 717-5075 Michael.Grant@myfloridahouse.gov
Ingoglia Blaise (850) 717-5035 Blaise.Ingoglia@myfloridahouse.gov
McGhee Kionne L. (850) 717-5117 Kionne.McGhee@myfloridahouse.gov
Moraitis George R.