Florida Breast Cancer Foundation

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FBCF Board of Directors


Debra Brooks (West Palm Beach)

John Capurso (Miami), Vice-Chair

Kathy Durham (Fort Lauderdale), Secretary

Jeri Francoeur (Ormond Beach)

Rocio Geraldine (Coral Gables)

Barry Hudson, M.D. (Miami)

Carolyn Kershner, J.D. (Gainesville) Founding Director

Annette Khaled, PhD. (Orlando)

Conor Lynch, PhD. (Tampa)

Shahla Masood, M.D., FCAP, MIAC (Jacksonville)

Lawrence Mendlow (Jacksonville)

Lowell Rush (Coral Springs), Treasurer

Aimee Sanchez-Zadak, Ph.D. (Fort Lauderdale), Chair

Jane Torres, MA, LMFT (Miami), Founding Director

Sharlene Weiss, R.N., Ph.D. (Miami), Founding Director

Russell Silverman, D.H.L. (Coral Gables) (non-voting)