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Today’s WOW Wednesday is really about a lot of wonderful women and men.  As the ‘official’ breast cancer awareness month is now over, we want to salute all the women and men, working with one or more of the many breast cancer organizations, who have gone the “extra mile” during the very busy past month.  Not only have these wonderful women and men continued their work in their own organizations, they have helped other organizations with their commitments.  It seems that almost everybody now knows about Breast Cancer Awareness month and wants to participate in their work environment or at a special event during the month of October.

The requests for information, speakers, and participation in health care events, and fundraising escalate during this month and the breast cancer support groups become inundated with invitations.  To women and men alike, they all express gratitude for the opportunity to share their experiences and provide information and support.

And they do so, helping each other, attending their own events, encouraging and supporting each other with little regard for their own needs this month.  Today, we salute all of you participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and give a resounding THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone in the fight against breast cancer.  You are all our WOW Wednesday honorees!