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Cameron Chassen's Mitzvah Project 

We would like to thank Cameron Chassen for fundraising for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) for his Mitzvah Project. We are grateful for Cameron's efforts and honored that he would select FBCF to be the beneficiary of this meaningful project. 

Cameron, a 7th grader at the Avant Garde Academy in Hollywood, is a recent inductee to the National Junior Honor Society and is currently learning to play the baritone in band. When he is not busy thinking up wonderful things to do to help others, he loves to play basketball and wakeboard. 

In his own words, Cameron shares why this project is so important to him:

"I am raising money for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation as my Mitzvah project for my Bar Mitzvah. I am not doing it for just that reason, but also because Cancer is terrible and it has affected many people I know. It must be stopped and it's up to the world to stop it. It's a steam engine with no brakes and it won't stop until a cure is found. My donations and collections along with every other charitable organization will all have a part to the end of cancer. When that cure is found, and you know you had a part in that cure, as Sean Covey states in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, 'You will feel not a public victory, but a Private Victory.' Thank you for supporting my project."


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