The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) invites you to come to Carrabba’s at 4675 St. John’s Pkwy in Sanford on Wednesday, May 15th,11:30am to 1pm, to hear Florida Representative Mr. Scott Plakon read Governor Desantis’ recent proclamation declaring April 2019, Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) is the most aggressive form of breast cancer and every year 40,000 people die because of it. About 30 percent of those diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will see it develop into MBC. FBCF thanks Governor Desantis for recognizing the metastatic breast cancer community and helping raise awareness for breast cancer year-round.

FBCF would also like to thank everyone who advocated and empowered advocates to make this happen and to honor all breast-cancer survivors and co-survivors. Please join us for this special complimentary luncheon courtesy of Carrabba’s and join us in our mission to end the suffering caused by breast cancer and to save lives through education, advocacy, empowerment, and research. All survivors will receive a special gift.

We are the organization that you help support by purchasing the End Breast Cancer license plate. We are the organization that ensures 100 percent of funds raised stay in Florida. We are the organization dedicated to serving you, your family, your neighbors, your colleagues, and your fellow Floridians by focusing 100 percent on ending suffering caused by breast cancer and saving lives.

We look forward to taking this step forward with you.
Intesrested in joining us? Visit our Facebook page and let us know you're coming! We'd love to hear from you!



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