Conor Lynch, Ph.D.

Board Chair — Tampa

Dr. Conor Lynch currently serves as the Board Chair of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. Dr. Lynch has also held leadership positions as the Vice-Chair and Governance Chair since joining the foundation in 2016.

As an Associate Member of the Tumor Biology Department at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Associate Professor of Oncologic Sciences at the University of South Florida, Dr. Lynch’s laboratory has always focused on metastatic breast cancer and defining how active and established metastases manipulate the surrounding normal tissue microenvironment in order to establish and grow.

Since joining the Moffitt Cancer Center in 2011, he has been aware of the passion, enthusiasm and dedication of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation to educate women about breast cancer and their commitment to raising funds to support breast cancer research.

“When I was invited to join the board I did not hesitate to sign up. I am committed in any way I can helping the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation be successful in its mission.”

Dr. Lynch also serves as Treasurer for the Metastasis Research Society.

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