It's Giving Tuesday! 



Together, we GIVE--together, we will make BIG IMPACT! And today and every day, WE give thanks to all of YOU! Because of your generosity, research is made possible to help metastatic breast cancer patients like Terlisa Sheppard–critical research that will help patients live longer and fuller lives.

Terlisa is celebrating 24 years of survivorship this year and it’s because of RESEARCH–that research is possible because of supporters like YOU. Supporters like you enable funding for research projects that will change lives. See what OUR esteemed Board Director, Dr. Annette Khaled of the University of Central Florida is currently researching. Click the video to watch and hear about the impact your gift can make in the lives of breast cancer patients like Terlisa.

We ask you to join us this Giving Season and make your gift that will make BIG IMPACT in the lives of women and men, and the future of breast cancer. 


1. DONATE HERE, directly on our website! 

2. Visit our FACEBOOK GIVING TUESDAY FUNDRAISING PAGE.  Support the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) on Giving Tuesday or anytime until the end of the year by visiting our Facebook fundraising page.

  • You can also set up a monthly recurring donation through Facebook to make an even BIGGER impact because during Giving Season, Facebook will match donations up to $100 for new recurring donors who make 2 consecutive monthly payments of $5 or more! The match continues until December 31, or until the $7 million match fund is spent. Facebook will notify donors when their recurring donation has been matched, after the second monthly payment. Facebook takes care of all donation processing with no fees. 

3. You can also CREATE YOUR OWN GIVING TUESDAY fundraising page on Facebook to rally your friends and family to join you in supporting our mission to end the suffering caused by breast cancer. 


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