We all have our reasons why. Why we support breast cancer research--why we walk, and why we run. Why we continue to fight, and why we will not stop until there is a cure. Hear Jen’s reason why she walks and what it means to her to support the work of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation at the Race 2 Cure. What’s YOUR reason why??

Help us today by signing up for the JAEA Virtual Race 2 Cure and Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) Tribute Walk. For every ticket sold through our special link, FBCF gets 50% back. ALL funds raised stay right here in Florida to support breast cancer research, education, advocacy, living expense and mammogram programs for Floridians. You have until October 31st to sign up for the Race 2 Cure. We STILL need you. The breast cancer community needs you. 

TOGETHER, we CAN do this. Together, we WILL save lives.




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