Inspire others to join our mission to end the suffering caused by breast cancer by helping us design this year’s Florida Breast Cancer Foundation t-shirt!

If your design is picked, YOUR design will be OUR 2021-2022 design!


Your shirt will inspire, give hope, and help make a difference. How can a t-shirt design make a difference you ask?? Because this is THE shirt we will be sending to DMV and Tax Collector offices for our statewide Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign to promote our End Breast Cancer specialty license plate. The End Breast Cancer license plate is a crucial source of funding for breast cancer research and education in the state of Florida, and THIS is the shirt that will help sell more license plates! THIS is also the shirt that will travel the state to all of our educational and fundraising events for FBCF. THIS is the shirt that will help give HOPE.



  • Our goal with this shirt is to inspire hope and motivate others to purchase the End Breast Cancer specialty plate.
  • Deadline to submit designs is JULY 30, 2021.
Design MUST:
  • Be designed for the front of the t-shirt.
  • Include the End Breast Cancer license plate (image below), must be fairly large in size, and must stand out.

          Image 3364:

How the design will be judged:

Designs will be judged on artistry and messaging--does your design inspire hope, clearly articulate the foundation’s mission, and motivate current FBCF supporters as well as new supporters to purchase our End Breast Cancer license plate?

Please feel free to check out other pages on our website to learn more about who we are and what our mission is. This will allow you to more successfully design a t-shirt that will be chosen to make IMPACT this year. Also, take a closer look at some of our previous years' designs below!



Please submit your design to Cathy Cruz at

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Cathy Cruz at the email above.


Image 3362:     Image 3360:     Image 3361:




Note: The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF) reserves the right to edit final submitted designs and has final editorial control and ownership over all submitted designs, promotions or advertisements, print or otherwise, with the use of the FBCF name, logo, license plate, mission, or all other intellectual property.







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