• Dedicated to improving the lives of those in Florida with breast cancer and giving hope where there is none.

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Scientific Research

Only through research will breast cancer be defeated and FBCF continues to challenge the scientific community to design innovative research that will foster new directions breast cancer research.

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Scientific Research Grants

The FBCF believes that collaborative research is the path to making extraordinary leaps in the future of breast cancer, and by working together, we will make a difference.

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Ensuring Floridians receive potentially life-saving breast cancer education is one of the fundamental pillars of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation's mission--no matter their income or location.

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Education Grants

Knowledge is an essential step towards empowering women to effectively fight breast cancer. We offer grants that will help to educate women to be proactive advocates for their own breast health.

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Direct Services 2023
Direct Services Grants for Nonprofits

FBCF provides funds to Florida nonprofits to support the changing needs of Florida's most vulnerable and under-served communities.

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Direct Services Grant Recipients

Direct Services grants for nonprofits provide access to screenings for women who cannot afford them, and financial support for those in need during breast cancer treatment.

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2023 Direct Services Grant Recipients

2023 Direct Services Grant Recipients

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Public policy advocacy is one of the most effective tools in the fight against breast cancer. FBCF works to mobilize Floridians to ensure sufficient public funding & quality healthcare for all.

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MASS Program

Mammograms After Sunday Service (MASS) is a breast health education outreach program which provides breast health education seminars & onsite mammograms or referrals.

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Support Resources

It can be overwhelming to search for support resources when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis and FBCF has dedicated staff to provide guidance to breast cancer patients and their families in need.

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Jane Torres Scholarship Program

The Jane Torres Scholarship Fund assists individuals interested in obtaining education and training in breast cancer research and advocacy to learn how to practice effective advocacy strategies.

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COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund

FBCF announces the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund, a rapid response funding opportunity through our Direct Service program.

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Live, Learn, Laugh Virtual Support Group

Live, Learn, Laugh is FBCF's statewide virtual support group for breast cancer fighters and survivors.

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Dedicated to Ending the Suffering Caused by Breast Cancer Through Research, Education, Advocacy, and Direct Services.

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