Libby’s Legacy breast Cancer Foundation: “PEP TALK” through Cancer Screening Initiative (Orlando) 

The PEP Talk Program provides much needed education supporting the benefits of early detection and supporting Libby’s Legacy outreach initiatives by helping to target medically underserved women who, without our help, could not have access to education and screenings.  The project includes education for more than 2000 underserved women and access to screenings for at least 300 uninsured women. Also, it includes follow up care through diligent case management. The PEP Talk/CSI program will have a strong presence at community health agencies, senior center, churches, health fairs and shelters, targeting hard to reach groups such as single mothers, senior women and minorities, Hispanic and African-American women. 


Radiology Associates Community Foundation, Inc: 2012 Daytona Breast Symposium (Daytona Beach)      

This program will include health care providers and breast cancer survivors speaking to an audience from the community. The format will be a talk by a breast cancer survivor followed by a discussion of various topics by health care providers. This will include discussions about breast health, breast cancer, breast cancer therapy and surgery. The health care providers will include physicians, nurses, a genetic counselor and mental health workers. The target audience will be women from the three counties in the area. The program continues to be unique in the areas as it is a mix of community and health care providers speaking and answering questions. It is a way of making the community aware of issues related to breast health and breast cancer and to introduce those providers that have a particular interest in that area.


The Beautiful Gate Cancer Support & Resource Center: The Women of Solomon’s Porch Breast Health Symposium (Miami)   

This Breast Health Symposium will focus on the needs of the whole person addressing their medical, educational, psychosocial, navigational systems and economic needs.  The Participants will listen to the health care experts through a round table discussion segment titled “What can we do for you?” This panel will feature well known and respected members in the medical community who espouse The National Breast Cancer Foundations’ campaign of ending breast cancer in 2020. They will discuss ways to improve breast health and help prevent breast cancer.


Women’s Center of Jacksonville: Survivor Advocate Program (Jacksonville)                                                                                                                

This program will actively seek breast cancer survivors who have a desire to help women who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Based on the belief that there is an immediate bond between breast cancer survivors, Bosom Buddies will train survivors as volunteer advocates to accompany women with need of support who are looking for guidance and encouragement. A survivor has the advantage of having had the personal experience in navigating the medical maze and can also offer empathy and words of wisdom to patients and their families. Advocates will support breast cancer patients with the following: help scheduling  medical appointments, attend appointments with the patient, listen and take notes at appointments, review information with the patient and emotionally support and encourage the patients. Advocates are volunteers and will receive a stipend for transportation expenses.


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