FANM Ayisyen Nam Miyami: Health for Life

Health for Life Project will expand the FANM Men Nan Men (Women Hand in Hand) program by increasing breast cancer awareness and prevention, and offer support to those afflicted among all women 18 years and older in the Haitian Community. This can be achieved by identifying and education a group of Peer Navigators that can work in the FANM's medically underserved area by reaching out to the constituents in their own Creole language and with understanding of their cultural nuances. The Peer Navigators will hold educational seminars in the areas community centers, local churches and adult educational centers as well as visit and offer support to patients in their homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and hospices.

Florida Department of Health-Broward County Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program: Department of Health- Broward County Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

This project will provide navigational service to women who received a diagnosis of breast cancer and who have completed breast cancer treatment (Surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy) with the exception of women being prescribed long term anti-cancer medications. Women who reside in Broward County that have been identified as having a high rate of late stage breast cancers in a 2010 Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center study will be the targeted population served under this grant, those women who were diagnosed through the FBCCEDP at the DOH-Broward will receive at least 1 year of navigational services for follow-up services.

Gulfcoast South Area Health Education Center: Macedonia Breast Health Awareness Program

We plan to implement a community health worker breast health program targeting medically underserved African American women in Charlotte and DeSoto Counties. in partnership with Macedonia Human Services Cultural Training Center, will facilitate the program, which utilizes trained community health workers to educate members of the targeted populations on breast cancer, risk factors, signs and symptoms, the need for early detection, myths, breast cancer screening options, healthy lifestyle choices and available breast health services. our program will read an estimates 580 participants with breast health education, referrals and follow-up through educational presentations and events. The primary purpose of the project is to educate and encourage targeted community members to act, and take prevention and screening seriously.

In the Image of Christ: Fort Pierce Breast Health Education and Navigation

Through the Fort Pierce Breast Health Education Program, In the Image Christ proposes to continue Breast Health education and navigation and to educate and train Peer Navigators while equipping them with supporting educational tools. The program will provide outreach, education, and referrals to the residents of target areas through navigation portals of the Affordable Health Care Act and Florida Department of Health.

Miami-Dade College Benjamin Leon School of Nursing: Homeless Women of Verde Gardens Health Empowerment Group. 

We created a health education program to assist homeless women in Miami-Dade transitional housing project: "Homeless Women Verde Gardens Health Empowerment Group".  A component of this educational program focuses on teaching women to become aware about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The faculty, students and program participants meet weekly during the semester. After completing the 16 week program the women are able to teach their peers, family members, and new residents about breast cancer disease and prevention methods.

North Broward Hospital District, d/b/a Broward Health: Peer Navigation Program

Broward Health's Peer Navigation Program (PNP) will recruit, train and match breast cancer survivors as Peer Navigators to provide support and assistance for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. peer Navigators will work with their matched patient for a period of three to six months, having contact with them one to four times a week. Peer Navigators will provided information and education on breast cancer and its treatment, what to expect during treatment, and available community resources. Pairing the patient with a peer for a three to six month period will allow for building of trust and forming a bond and close relationship; patients will know they have someone they can count on who understands what they are going through. 


Women's Center of Jacksonville: Bosom Buddies

Most women diagnosed with breast cancer are able to rely on the support and encouragement of their family and friends throughout their cancer journey; however, those survivors who do not have a reliable support network travel the journey alone. The Survivor Advocate program is based on the “buddy” system which pairs women who have survived breast cancer with women who have newly diagnosed breast cancer.   The survivor advocates are trained to help women become more informed and empowered patients and this year will focus on culturally sensitive populations in addition to current populations served. In addition to providing this service, Bosom Buddies will conduct a community workshop, Buenas Amigas Cultivando Buena Salud, to target the Hispanic/Latina underserved population in Duval county and surrounding areas and also create an electronic version of the breast cancer Resource Guide.

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