Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc.: "Women SHINE Project" 

Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. (“Family Health Centers” or “FHC”) will be continuing and expanding  the "Women SHINE Project "(Sharing Hope, breast health Information, and the Newest guidelines leaving women Empowered to know their own bodies). The Women SHINE Project  will provide educational opportunities for women in order for them to become proactive advocates for their own breast health. This Project will ultimately benefit the uninsured and underserved women in Lee, Charlotte, and western Hendry Counties through critical one-on-one and group education workshops. With transportation being a major barrier to care for these uninsured and underserved women, the SHINE team provided and will continue to provide education on site by:

  • Visiting migrant outreach health fair events at local farm worker housing/camps while migrant farm workers seek free medical care.
  • Visiting local food pantries throughout the three county area (Lee, Charlotte and western Hendry) as mothers in need seek out food necessities.
  • Setting up a breast health booth at many of the FHC medical sites and providing one-on-one education as women wait to be seen  by their doctor as walk in/sick visits.

In order to eliminate language barriers, the culturally-sensitive SHINE Project care team is tri-lingual speaking fluent Spanish, English, and Creole. This will increase the opportunity to reach the population in need.

Beautiful Gate Cancer Support & Resource Center: "Mammograms after Sunday Service (MASS)"

Mammograms after Sunday Service (MASS) is a continuing breast health education project by the Beautiful Gate Cancer Support & Resource Center (TBG). The Mass project provides breast health educational seminars with onsite mobile mammograms and/or referrals at predominantly African American churches seen as a safe haven in rural communities after religious/spiritual services. Mass focus is on increasing knowledge and awareness of breast health and communicating the importance of obtaining mammograms to prevent late stage diagnosis in African American women.

Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. : "Planting the SEED Project" 

Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc. will initiate the "Planting the SEED" project by providing breast health education to young men and women who are part of migrant agricultural families primarily residing in farm worker camps and (seasonal) low-income housing in Lee County and western Hendry County. The project will focus on middle school, high school and college students. the newly-established Planting the SEED project will allow these school aged individuals to learn about becoming proactive advocates for their own breast health. The project will help influence and reinforce positive behaviors such as seeking regular, professional examinations when changes in breasts are noticed. The project goals also include promoting and improving early detection and the utilization of preventative health services, namely breast health awareness.  The Planting the SEED team will bridge the gap between these two areas of need: adolescent education and the migrant agricultural communities.

Health Education, Prevention & Promotion Inc. (HEPP):  "Faith-based Breast Cancer Outreach-Educating and Empowering Haitian Women to take Charge of their Breast Health" 

Health Education Prevention & Promotion, Inc. (HEPP) provides linguistically and culturally appropriate health education in Creole directed at improving health literacy. A focus area is breast cancer due to evidence of late stage diagnosis of cancer and lack of culturally appropriate information on cancer among the Haitian population. Through a faith-based comprehensive breast cancer awareness and education program HEPP seeks to improve beliefs, knowledge, attitudes, screening and treatment behaviors among 360 medically underserved, linguistically isolated Haitian women with low literacy living in Miami and Homestead.  The program will also aim at empowering Haitian women to take charge of their breast health. The program will be conducted at six Haitian churches located in Miami and Homestead. All classes will be in Creole and presented in a 3-part series at each church. Classes will be taught by well qualified Haitian health educator and will include education on breast self-awareness; understanding breast cancer and the risk factors, breast cancer treatments; talking to your health care professional about individual risks and screening options and reducing risk by changing modifiable risk factors.

Florida Press Educational Services Inc./Tampa Bay Times Newspaper in Education: "Improving Breast Health Literacy among High School students in Tampa Bay" 

The Tampa bay Times Newspaper in Education program (NIE), the Tampa Bay area affiliate of Florida Press Educational Services (FPES), will create an original educational publication and teacher guide focused on breast health, breast cancer risk factors and risk reduction. The publication will be targeted to adolescents and aligned to the Florida Standards in health. NIE will distribute the publication and teacher guide to health teachers at all public and charter high schools in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. The goals of this project are to improve breast health literacy and to encourage healthy lifelong behaviors among high school students.

Miami-Dade Area Health Education Center (MDAHEC): "Hands on Health: Youth Breast Cancer Education Program" 

Miami Dade Area Health Education Center (MDAHEC) Inc, is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization whose mission is to improve access to quality, comprehensive healthcare and education to underserved, uninsured, economically needy and other vulnerable individuals through-out Miami-Dade County through academic-community partnerships. MDAHEC has developed the "Hands on Health" youth breast cancer education program, which provides a thorough yet easily understood explanation of breast cancer and the importance of breast health. The program is compromised of different facts, videos, statistics, visuals, and activities and is geared to teenage and young adult men and women in Miami-Dade and Broward County schools, youth serving sites, and colleges and universities.  The programs objectivities are to educate these young men and women about breast health, breast cancer, and the need for early diagnosis as well as to encourage them to develop a lifelong habit of breast health self awareness.

Haitian American Nurses Association of Florida, Inc. (HANA): "Empowering Underserved Haitian Families to play an Active Role in the Promotion of Breast Health"

The proposed project aims to educate and empower underserved Haitian families to become proactive advocates for their own breast health through educational workshop, using existing literature provided by ACS, FBCF, and Suzan G. Komen for the Cure and National Cancer Institute. The project will utilize culturally and linguistically appropriate breast health and breast cancer materials to educate families (women, men, adolescents, and elderly) and train the trainers to provide face to face education to approximately 5000 targeted Haitian women and their families. Educational sessions will be provided to breast cancer survivors, their families while advocating on life after cancer including the transition phase. Furthermore, appropriate education will be addressed to reduce the risk of incidental diagnosis of late stage breast cancer due to lack of early prevention. Focus groups addressing self-breast examination and the importance of early detection will be organized at local churches, recreational parks, local high schools and College/University to evaluate the impact of the program. Additionally, healthcare providers will be trained in culturally competent approaches to promote breast health education among underserved Haitian women and to encourage family participation. We will collaborate with identified Community Based Organization (CBO’s) to help in the dissemination of the educational materials. 

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