The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation (FBCF), along with those who generously support us with their talent, time, and resources, is working to better the lives of those facing breast cancer in the Florida community. Thanks to the continuing support of Floridians who have purchased the End Breast Cancer specialty license plate, along with the Foundation’s network of breast cancer supporters, survivors, and advocates fighting to end the suffering caused by breast cancer, we have been able to award over $10 million dollars in dedicated funding for education and research programs in the state of Florida. 


Only through research will breast cancer be defeated and FBCF continues to challenge the scientific community to design innovative research that will foster new directions for, address neglected issues in, and bring new investigators to the field of breast cancer research. FBCF focuses its funding on research projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on breast cancer, particularly in multidisciplinary and/or multi-institutional collaborations. 


2024 Priority Areas:

  1. Basic, clinical (including novel diagnostic/therapeutic modalities), and translational breast cancer research.
  2. Understanding the links between environmental factors and breast cancer in Florida.
  3. Novel epidemiological studies to provide insight on opportunities for improving breast cancer detection and treatment in Florida.
  4. Psycho-immunologic mechanisms and breast cancer progression: implications for improving outcomes.
  5. Innovative awards and idea grants

All applications must cover at least one of the priority areas.


The Application Process is Now Closed

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·        Dr. Jean Latimer, Nova Southeastern University
“Impact of S. Florida environmental chemicals on breast cells derived from women of different ancestries”

·        Dr. Jennifer Hu, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
“Impact of Precision Intervention on Reducing Breast Cancer Disparities”

·        Dr. Kamran Ahmed, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Inc.
“Predicting Brain Metastasis Progression in Stage IV Breast Cancer”

·        Dr. Brian Law, University of Florida
“Novel Breast Cancer Therapeutics Targeting a Unique Subset of Disulfide Isomerases”

·        Dr. Yi Guo and Dr. Dejana Braithwaite, University of Florida
“Risk of adverse cardiovascular events in breast cancer patients receiving systemic adjuvant therapy: impact of comorbidity burden”

·        Dr. Didem Ilter, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Inc.
“Epigenetic mechanisms of breast cancer dormancy”

·        Dr. Michael Antoni and Dr. Bonnie Blomberg, University of Miami
“Changes in cellular and molecular mechanisms for aging, immunity, metabolism and health after stress management intervention in older overweight/obese breast cancer survivors”

·        Dr. Jihe Zhao, University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
“ Understanding Breast Cancer cell Resistance to Immunotherapy”


 To learn more about the above grants that are currently being funded, click here.

To see past grant recipients and research projects that have been funded, please visit our Scientific Research Grants page.

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