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‘Vivian’,  a Florida Breast Cancer Foundation advocate, volunteer, and a breast cancer survivor, says she was always interested in the cause because breast cancer was in the family, never knowing that it would affect her personally.   She was diagnosed “because I was diligent about the pain I was having and I kept asking questions about further testing.”  After an MRI and a core biopsy, she was  diagnosed.   “If I had just been passive and done nothing, it might have been worse,” she said.


‘Vivian’ is passionate about women and men being their own advocate.  “Be faithful to your body.  notice changes, no matter how young or old you are.”   “It is better to check out changes medically,” she explained, “and have nothing wrong then to ignore it and have something turn up later.”


“That’s what being your own advocate means; pushing on and asking questions and demanding more tests and help.    That’s what I did.  Do it!”  ‘Vivian’ volunteers with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation because of the programs and the caring nature of the staff.  “They treat survivors and their families like they should be treated; with respect and dignity.” 


Today we salute ‘Vivian’: breast cancer survivor, advocate, and valued volunteer!!!!