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Today’s Wonderful Woman is Cathy Cruz, a new and very dedicated volunteer with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation. Cathy volunteers in the Miami office and puts in long hours helping us with projects that need to get done.  She works at night and starts with the Foundation  in the morning, so her  days are often long. We will let Cathy tell you In her own words why she volunteers with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

     “I volunteer for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation for many reasons. The first being that I wanted to join the fight against breast cancer, but I also wanted to broaden my horizon and strive for some much- needed personal growth.

     "I had been a server in the restaurant industry for many years, and over the last few years, I had begun to feel the negative effects of my job. While I loved working with people, the restaurant industry can sometimes be a thankless job and it was starting to take its toll. Coinciding with this need to do something more meaningful in my life was my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, and then shortly after, my college graduation. Thankfully, my mother’s diagnosis was not dismal as her cancer was caught in the  early stages, though she still gave us quite a scare.

     "Since being at the FBCF, I have heard and read the stories of many other women that have made me realize how fortunate my mother was. Her diagnosis, along with my job, and the feeling of uncertainty after graduation led me to want to do something outside of myself—to give back. As a teenager, I remembered my mother telling me about her time as a volunteer EMT at our local rescue squad and how truly rewarding it was to give your time to those in need--her words led me to the decision to volunteer. What brought me to FBCF was my personal need to honor my mother—who she was (and still is), what she taught me, and of course, what she had been through with breast cancer. I also feel that it is partly due to organizations such as FBCF that enabled my mother’s cancer to be detected early, saving her from further pain and possibly saving her life. I feel everyone should have that same chance at life.

     "Besides my mother’s own experience with breast cancer, another reason that brought me here was the need to do something good, something that mattered. Although my day does not exactly consist of finding a cure, I feel that at FBCF, I can contribute, however small or large, to those who are out there finding a cure or making a difference in their communities through the many types of programs that the FBCF supports. While volunteering, I am gaining valuable experience and meeting wonderful people at the same time. Working full-time at my night job and volunteering part-time at the FCBF keeps me busy, but I can say with certainty that I enjoy my time here at  the foundaiton. The office, though small, is filled with warm people with great intentions and knowing that I am helping them make a difference is what makes it truly enjoyable to come back day after day.”

Cathy, we salute you!!!  You are Wednesday’s Wonderful Woman.