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Volunteer Spotlight


Today’s Wonderful Woman is Volunteer Jodi Berger, who recently undertook a major mailing project for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.  The annual project had been completed in the past by up to ten volunteers.  Jody took it upon herself to do the entire project.   Jodi is a new volunteer and has also worked on other major projects in the office. 

Jodi’s willingness to go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary has contributed immensely to the functioning of the office.  Jodi could have chosen any of a number of many other wonderful charities with which to volunteer.  When asked why she decided to work with the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, she said simply:   “It’s the Cause!”    “My aunt is a survivor and my cousin has had a close call.  “I have been happy to give my time to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and will continue to do so.” 

Thanks to Jodi’s dedication, a critical project was completed in record time.  And that’s why Jodi is today’s Wonderful Woman.