We at the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation have been doing a lot of thinking, listening, and watching regarding the tragic death of George Floyd and the resultant protests. This pause to listen and reflect is not because we don't have a strong and immediate conviction against racism, social disparities, resulting inequality, and the appalling injustice it all bears; but rather because by the very definition of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation's mission--which is to end the suffering caused by breast cancer through education, advocacy, and empowerment--we have always fought for breast cancer patients, survivors, their families and caregivers regardless of race, age, creed, or sexual orientation/identification. We have always fought for justice and equality. We have always worked hard to serve the underserved--to mitigate the healthcare disparities that exist for African Americans and other people of color. Breast cancer disproportionately impacts minorities such as African Americans, and the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation has a long history of mitigating these health disparities through our own programs and committees and in partnership with other like-minded organizations across the great state of Florida. The Florida Breast Cancer Foundation has always refused to accept inequities when it comes to getting necessary treatment, in fact we have a complete intolerance for them. In regard to breast cancer, those disparities result in an unacceptable disproportionate number of late-stage breast cancer diagnoses and deaths. We have been witnessing the same disparities with COVID-19. It is heartbreaking and it is a cause we have never pressed pause on. In fact, we have been working harder than ever to reach and fund those who are most in need.

But now we feel it is essential we speak out at this moment in history to restate our mission, inform those who don't know about our mission, and educate about how these issues pervade every aspect of life including the ability to get the healthcare needed to live. We want to make it duly known that the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation continues to stand in unity against all injustice, against all racism, against all inequality, against all hatred, against all lack of empathy, and we will remain 100% committed to being fueled and invigorated by the passion we feel in that stance. We also commit to continuing to seek new opportunities to educate and support in that regard. In this moment, we also feel it’s important to state we support and have great respect for our law enforcement officers but do not support racism perpetrated by any person in any position.

Our hearts go out to George Floyd's family. Our hearts also go out to everyone who has ever felt the stunning sting, or worse, of racial injustice.



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